I changed to ESO. It is not ideal, but I could have as WOW Classic TBC Gold much narrative as I want within my own pace along with the dialogs are even voice listened.

If they gave us crazy power in there where we mow down groups it wouldn't be so bad. Rather it is mostly crap, a couple that are crap unless you get the right a couple of abilities, and a few more thay are good. Nothing actually spec shifting either.

The crazy part about WoW for me is the usage of the PTR to test expansions and stains using players. It's basically free labour by gamers. I am aware that Torghast in the alpha was very popular with pretty much ever WoW content founder I followed. Yet they instead carved out most of the interesting bits, forced players to undergo it for still another currency, and then had to return and nerf it since they had added in arbitrary affixes that were very unpopular.

SWTOR nowadays is pretty damned fine since they changed it up and left it so just doing the story missions on cheap WOW TBC Gold the planets was enough, and the stories are good, though some expansions are certainly better than others.