Airlaid Paper Manufacturer's PARK non-woven filter product series provide high-performance non-woven filter media fabrics for air (industrial), liquid, EFA (HVAC, HEPA, ULPA) filtration end products in various industries. They maximize the efficiency of automotive interior, indoor and industrial filters. Manufacturers using PARK non-woven filter media are taking advantage of the key and a set of special properties of non-woven fabrics:

Excellent breathability combined with excellent stability and stiffness

hepa air filter media
Easy-to-pleat air filter media
Global filter manufacturers use PARK Nonwovens as filter media materials in the manufacture of HEPA and ULPA [HVAC filtration]. They use non-woven fabric as the layer of particle filter media. It has extremely high size and thermal stability, and the non-woven fabric can be pleated easily. It increases the stiffness of the filter medium. The folds made with our media are sharp and stable. The uniform open structure of thermally bonded endless bicomponent filaments/fibers increases the best air permeability.

HVAC air filter media
PARK non-woven fabric low pressure drop
Due to its high air permeability and pleated stability, PARK Nonwovens filter carrier can significantly reduce pressure drop. The low pressure drop can extend the life expectancy of the filter element. It allows the user of the filter to achieve significant energy savings. This makes our customers' products more cost-effective. If you choose to use PARK NONWOVEN filter media, you can choose the correct non-woven fabric option from our various polymer configurations, weights, variations, colors, etc. We can customize the roll width and length to suit your individual process requirements and settings.

Outperform others under the advantage of air filter carrier
Air filter media
For many years, filter manufacturers have regarded us as the best filter media to improve the efficiency of their manufacturing process. Our non-woven filter media improves the performance of the finished filter element. Let's find out some of the characteristics that make PARK Nonwoven filter media the best filter media in the industry: Consistent and trustworthy performance

International certification, highly recognized
Excellent stiffness and stability promote sharp wrinkles
Allows higher and stable folds
The filter element has the best Non Woven Disposable Bed Sheet air permeability
Reduce pressure drop
Promote waste reduction and energy saving