I was an teen at the time, and OSRS gold I was excited to play runescape. I began by reading the island tutorial. It cost me only 12 GBP. .

I took my role as an adventurer "seriously"; I was willing to fight anyone using my wooden shield, bronze sword and sword. Because I wanted to make full iron armor (mithril lol), my favorite skills at the time was mining and metalsmithing. Where did I go to learn more about Runescape? Sal's Realm of Runescape is the most excellent! A lot has changed over the years in runescape, and unfortunately many of them were not very good.

I hated the bot nukeday game and its incredibly long delays, I didn’t like dungeoneering (smithing became very useless) and I was a bit annoyed the fact that there were so many scammers within the game. (I clicked on a "link to a fake Runescape.com which led me to lose my password... Yes, even the most skilled players). My dragon armor was taken. The money I had was safe in my bank. These were all major issues, but two things made me want to leave:

Jagex's customer service was so poor that it was almost as if they didn't care about me getting scammed. Jagex came up the original idea to cheap RuneScape gold bring back runescape 2007 as a way to solve the problem, rather than fixing the game.