To find the hole, take a trip all up to the RuneScape gold southernmost point of the Island, through the docks to the opposite side, and onto the small island. Let the ceremony begin! (Player Name) What's the reason you don't begin? Ubei, Lavak, Simat, Carnem, Salverous! Amarka Solarius

One Solar Guardian kneels and places the logs of nightmares into the hole. Another Solar Guardian kneels and lights the logs that are in the darkness with the Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. Don't stop there Savarain Solar!

Right Click on the orb and select Call Lunar Force. (Player Name)! Although you tried to trick us, I was able to see through your lies the entire time. Lunar Force Appears and Savarain snaps his fingers, ordering the guards to attack. They earn 75 points on everyone in the Lunar Force, and they collapse. Prepare yourself for the fight of your life!

Solar Guardians are now Solar Guardians (Level 90). Kill two of them and two more will appear which will make you level 45. Kill them. Get some food and be prepared for a major battle! With the help of the SOLAR TRIBE I hereby SUMMON SOLARUS! From the hole ghosts appear and flys towards the ground. He becomes clearer to the eye of the observer until he is Solarus (Level-225).

Drink a prayer Potion and then equip yourself with your most powerful weapons! Be sure to keep your Protect from Melee when his staff shifts into a mace. Also, protection from missles after it transforms into an Wulyxiaora, and protect yourself from Magic when the Staff returns to normal, or else he'll hit in the 50s or higher. After he is killed by a Sunstaff, he'll drop a Solar Isle Sunstaff. Savarain will break out of the state, along with his Guardians. We are grateful, (Player name). That evil ghost is now gone! Even if you're a Lunar Fool, you can be a friend of Solar Isle.

Dawn of the Awakening. Quests: While Guthix Sleeps, the goblin quest concept I had a while ago, Ghostly Robes MiniQuest, all the other quests will have been completed by now. Skills: 65 Slayer, all the skills you need from the required quests, anything I may have missed out on for things that you'll need to do.

Briefing for the opening: Lucien has acquired not just the Staff of Armadyl, but the Stone of Jas as well. War is surely coming soon. Following the time that Lucien discovered the Stone of Jas The only person who could have knowledge about it fled Lumbridge's caves. The Red Axe Corporation has returned to Keldagrim and is refusing to talk about their dissension, and King Narnode becomes more and more worried about the ghost of Arposandra. There are many questionsto be answered: What is Lucien doing? Where is Movario? What was the reason Glouphrie, the OSRS buy gold untrusted, murder Argento several years ago? What do the Drunken dwarf's claim of Dragons have to do with the Red Axe. Answers will be forthcoming as well as what the King Black Dragon says are the consequence of asking this question.