The process to activate Lost Ark Drops on Twitch is similar to activating Drops previously played games. First, make sure you're logged on to your Twitch account, then head over to Lost Ark Gold the Lost Ark Twitch Drops website. Midway down the page, there's an option to connect you Twitch account to your Steam account. Once you've completed that, click the activate button below, and then you'll start earning Drops.

What is the process behind how Lost Ark Twitch Drops work?

Here's where things get complicated. Lost Ark is offering a variety of Drops through an online program called Legends of Lost Ark. While the program is running and running, teams of North American, Latin American, and European streaming players (representing those regions Lost Ark is launching in) will compete for new items. As each team's streamers play through in-game tasks and earn points towards the next unlock . They'll also earn Founder's Packs to be able to share with viewers.

In order to get Lost Ark Twitch Drops, it's as simple as tuning in to any stream with Drops for a period of four hours. When you've achieved your Drop You'll receive an alert on Twitch and you can redeem your item from your inventory. In order to get the most value of your gaming time, you'll want players with the most Drops still unlocked. You can do this by going through on the Legends of Lost Ark leaderboard, which is updated with current standings every all day, starting at 5 p.m. Eastern. Streamers can only offer only one Drop at an time. If you've already made a claim, make sure you're on Buy Lost Ark Boosting a streamer that offers other options.