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Blizzard games decline in player count despite WoW Shadowlands, D2R & more

After the suit against Activision Blizzard in 2021, the company has been struggling to retain its player base despite releasing WoW Shadowlands, WoW Burning Crusade Classic, and Diablo 2 Resurrected.

2021 wasn't as successful that Activision Blizzard was hoping for. Plunged into turmoil following a lawsuit filed by the State of California for nurturing an "pervasive spirit of frat boys" within the workplace It's been difficult for the company to keep players engaged across various titles.

As we approach 2022 it is clear that the Microsoft purchase of World of Warcraft has for many, become a bright light at the end of buy d2r items an seeming endless tunnel. As we look towards the future, discussions about the direction that the MMORPG of all time, World of Warcraft, will take have engulfed the game's community.