Madden 22 Zero Chill has brought a lot of exciting new content to Ultimate Team during the holidays. Many players should have bought MUT Coins to get some powerful player cards. As part 4 is now about to drop, this content will shine. Although it looks like Zero Chill has released their ending in version 3 and all players included in it, the latest official Madden 22 Ultimate Team timeline shows that it is not over yet.

In the surprise after Christmas, Zero Chill Release 4 set may be released in Madden 22 Ultimate Team on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. Normally, there will be Good Morning Madden announcements the day before or the day before, but these will be temporarily postponed because of the holiday. As for the exact time, the latest version is likely to be launched earlier in the day, especially since there is no Good Morning Madden to tease things, so players can see this land as early as 9 AM Eastern Time. They can prepare enough MUT Coins in advance.

So what is the next step for Zero Chill in Madden Ultimate Team? They have revealed no details beyond the weekly schedule. Players should already know what kind of content Zero Chill will bring. Fans will get all Ultimate Team content at the end of Zero Chill.

This leaves everyone with only one week to finish everything, especially to spend all Snowflakes on packs or other shop rewards. Certain aspects of the plan will remain after expiration, such as Sets, and Challenges and Missions will be extended for at least a few weeks after the promotion core. Players need to buy more MUT 22 Coins to add some powerful cards to their team.