"It's having an effect, the younger generation doesn't make any difference between"that is virtual, and what I call haptic" - since both are real".Where next? "Currently, an increasing number of stakeholders are joining all levels," says Volk. "It will not stop there, with FIFA Coins the development of more national teams a really fascinating prospect of FIFA. "More federal teams are joining the journey, so think where this might go if most FIFA's member institutions have an eNational group, in the event that you gave thousands of teams involvement and countless gamers continue to take part - we could construct lighthouses on our strong foundation."

The possibility of a championship, closer to the real-life World Cup, in which you have a representative from every nation, is climbing - with previous year's penalizing FIFA eNations Cups place to own 20 states take part.Of training program, 2020 also saw the coming of Third Gen consoles, some thing which FIFA just sees as benefiting the esports distance. "Certainly what comes with it's the additional talk with the media - that the barrier is decreasing, you have easier access to engage, and the easier it's for players to contribute and participate. "If you mix this with all the changing of societal norms and behaviour, you can just imagine where this is going. It's accelerating."

Tune in to the FIFAe Club World Cup.The FIFAe Club World Cup runs from Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28 February.42 teams (down from 480 in qualifying) stay in the contest, with the best two from each one of the six zones progressing into the finals weekend, for their opportunity to be named FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 zone winners.You will see the likes of Team Gullit, RB Leipzig Gambling, Manchester City Esports, Schalke and Buy FUT Coins fight it out across the various zones, seeing traditional soccer clubs meet esports organisations on the greatest stage.Follow the activity on FIFA.gg, with the major feed will start at 10:30am RT / 3.30pm GMT on Friday, 26 February - and broadcast live across FIFA's societal channels.