The Arcane Repository is New World players' primary source for in-game magic items and potions. There players can craft magical weapons such as Ice Gloves, Fire Staff, and Life Staff, as well as mana, health, and resistance potions.

These magical weapons and potions will improve the player's Arcana skills, but the New World Gold player will need a large number of different raw and crafted materials to craft them. If players want to know how to level up Arcana skills in New World, they can follow or continue reading this guide.

Particles and reagents are the basis of almost every Arcana crafting recipe that players will encounter. Players can find particles in alchemy stones, magic plants, and mobs around Aeternum. Harvesting magical creatures does not require levels, but they provide the least amount of particles. Reagents are resources collected from different types of plants, fungi, and even ore veins.

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Once a sufficient number of particles and reagents have been collected, players can go to the Arcane Repository and start crafting. Players can use only Arcana materials to make some potions, weak health and mana potions can be made with first-level reagents and water, and normal health, mana, recovery and concentration potions need to be made with second-level reagents.

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Some of the most valuable Arcana items from a skill level bonus perspective are the Staff and Ice Gloves. Players can use secondary reagents, some basic elemental reagents, and oils to craft common weapon coatings specific to enemy types. At the same time, they can also create higher-quality versions of each project using higher-grade metals. If players are missing New World Coins in the game, they can always visit to purchase, this supplier has the lowest price.