To acquire much better tools, you need to leave the safe zone of your base and head out into the mid segment. This region has some competitive orcs inside, and is PVP, hence the 2 teams thing OSRS Power Leveling. In here you can find stones from irrigation to, possibly, rune, in addition to high level trees. They can be also native beasts which you can kill. You're able to choose their hides to a foundation to tan them and make ranger armor. Unlike Stealing Generation, you don't get points for creating this stuff, but it is useful against other players.

Everyone should eat. Orcs do NOT count as animals. Or you can fish in the river, but you require a fishing pole, from your base, and lure, which you must dig near the river. You can discover a spade on your own base. Or you are able to harvest plants.

In the center of your teams foundation are several food storages. Deposit cooked food there. You cannot remove food from your teams foundation. After the first few minutes, you are able to enter the other team's camp and then strike them where they live. Their obstacles will stop you, however.

You can either: fight them; this does nothing to assist you whatsoever, but I presume people will like it. Burn a building; regardless of whether you fail or succeed, doing so requires you to your own base. Steal food or logs; doing so takes you to your base, with stolen goods in your inventory. Everyone likes to win. Here is how you win. After 15 minutes, time is called, along with a winner is determined. Everyone gets things, but the winner gets points according to a much better mathematical formula.

What are the benefits? Well, as a reward you can get money or exp in abilities that you used. By the way, any things which were made from the sport, no matter how they ended up in your hands, disolve immediately. Another benefit is resources. The goblins have found a grove of magic trees and rune stones. Paying points can get you a few minutes in grove OSRS Gold For Sale. Tell me what you think. In case it sounds like a rip off of something else, then please inform me, so I can delete this whole thread.