In Lost Ark, Requiem of Twilight is one of the most sought after songs aside from the basic song. This song is critical to minimizing the honing process of building rapport because of its unique ability to build rapport quickly. Additionally, MMOWTS will help players earn Lost Ark Gold quickly, giving them an even bigger advantage.

With so many characters, quests, and activities that players have access to in the game, it's easy to obscure the little details. Some Lost Ark Gold players have had the opportunity to pick up Requiem of Twilight but haven't been able to, but don't worry, players can still do some backtracking and get it. One of the most underrated features players have in Lost Ark is rapport. The sooner you start grinding, the sooner players will unlock the best rewards.

The Requiem of Twilight is a song that explicitly builds rapport with most NPCs. Players can use it up to 3 times per day for each character they want to build rapport with. To use it, the player needs to select it from the song library when interacting with the "fit" character for the first time. Players can combine music with some gifts to save time.

To get Requiem of Twilight, players will have to do some sea exploration. If the player has not yet embarked on a sailing adventure, some areas are inaccessible when the player does not have proper ship management and upgrades. This song is a special quest reward from the Isle of Tranquility located in the eastern part of the Fayton region. Which is the Best Site to Buy Lost Ark Gold? I think it's

Since Tranquility is an island of adventure, players will have to keep an eye on Procyon's compass to see if it's available. Additionally, players can view alerts to see which events will start within the next 10 minutes. To obtain it, players must first speak to Father Derus to begin the quest called "The Isle of Eternal Sleep".

After starting the mission, players need to place flowers on the tombstone to complete the objective. After that, players can claim rewards from Father Derus. Since Serenity Island is not the most famous and is far from other important islands, it is easy for many players to miss this quest. Players can purchase large amounts of Lost Ark Gold from to successfully complete missions and earn rewards. MMOWTS offers the fastest delivery service on the market.