chest freezer factory'S  Hot and cold water dispenser has become a must-have appliance for offices and homes these days. It is an inexpensive way of getting continuous supply of good quality drinking water at desired temperature. Water dispenser provides you with instant hot & cold water with just the press of a button.

Water dispensers can be broadly classified into counter top and free standing water dispenser. Before making a choice about which one to buy, you must consider the place where you will be placing it. In terms of prices, free standing water dispenser is more expensive than the counter top.

Some of the benefits of hot & cold water dispenser are:
For Office: Employees are offered with the tea time comfort by the installation of water dispenser as they do not have to bother about filling and heating the kettle. Moreover, it saves the company’s work time as the employees do not have to wait or stand in a queue to get water. The employees could carry their own tea bags, coffee or sugar and prepare their preferred type of drink using hot or cold water from the dispenser. Water dispenser avoids the botheration of changing the water bottles. Its cost is also minimal thus, it suits the needs of a smaller and a larger firm.

For Home: Having instant access to warm water helps in making many of your household tasks easier. You can loosen the jar lid, thaw vegetables and get warm water to cook pasta, make coffee and tea. Water dispenser provides cold water right at the sink and saves the time wasted in filling water jugs and placing them in the refrigerator. The tank of the water dispenser also fits under any type of sink and gives a neat look to the kitchen. The water dispensers are available with child lock function to keep the kids away from making a mess with the water.

water dispenser suppliers’s Water dispenser proves to be more economical for both office and home as there is only one-time installation charge and low monthly water delivery charges involved. Moreover, it requires only annual maintenance and filter replacement.