Terminal block accessories
Electrical Terminal Blocks have some accessories. By using the accessories it is possible to increase the functionality of a terminal block.
1-End stop
End stop prevents terminal blocks and other DIN rail-mounted components from sliding along the rail. It is strong and robust.
2-End cover
End cover is used to separate the last live open terminal in an assembly. This is a vital safety function since terminal blocks are supplied with one open side.
The separator allows visual and electrical separation of different terminal block groups. It provides the necessary electrical spacing between adjacent insulated jumpers or between exposed ends of cut jumpers.
The jumper is used to electrically interconnect two or more terminal blocks. Jumpers are available in two, three, four, and longer pole configurations. They are cuttable and made of electrolytic copper with corrosion-resistant nickel plating. Insulated jumpers reduce the risk of accidental electrical shock.
5-Marking tag
Marking tag provides system organization and efficient identification of the terminals and other components. It is available in blank or preprinted configurations and fits onto the terminal block.
6-Top cover and label holder
The top cover serves as a protective cover for uninsulated jumpers. It is available blank or printed with electrical symbols. Label holder attaches to the end stop or din rail and provides for easy identification of terminal block assemblies.
7-Test plug
Test blog is used for hands-free circuit troubleshooting and testing. It is inserted into the jumper hole of the Terminal Block Manufacturers’s terminal block current bar.