Pets are a crucial part to Old School RuneScape and OSRS GP obtaining the majority of them is very challenging. Read on to learn all you need to know about pets in OSRS. While they're not combat NPCs in OSRS they are quite enjoyable when it comes to following your in-game character across the world. However, obtaining pet pets as well as insuring them may be somewhat confusing unless you know what you have to do.

In the game, acquiring pets is more a sign of respectability that you've managed to defeat certain bosses. Given that specific pets are removed from bosses, having them as your followers is an ideal way to show off the boss you have defeated recently. Let's take a look and find out everything you need to learn about the pets available in OSRS.

How can I get pets to OSRS

There are three options of acquiring pets during the game. But each one will reward the player with a pet of a different breed. So, it's crucial to be aware of buy RuneScape gold what pets are available through which method. The three methods available for finding pets in OSRS are.