If I were in charge of overall strategy for OSRS gold skills I'd be working on a policy that increased skill-based updates to skills: which is the skills that require skill rather than time. For example, Agility would undergo a significant overhaul. Courses could offer more than just the standard route. There would also be the possibility of running faster if you're proficient in the area.

This can be accomplished by paying attention to the least interesting abilities first. I'd be happy with runespan or bonfires, even though they are not as skill-based however I'd prefer to be rewarded for producing quality work rather than creating mass quantities of clone jewelry that diminishes its value.

If you feel it's against the rules, then we apologize and will remove the post. This bug isn't harmful to anyone, and I didn't find any rule against the use of fun bugs. The bug won't last long and it’s not in the spirit of the rules to impose sanctions for players who exploit bugs that do not cause harm or impact to you or the game.

Tutorial Island can be somewhat shaky, but is great to use for nostalgic purposes. Since so many people have fond memories of this place I thought it could be something people could appreciate. Have you ever wanted to return to Tutorial Island? It's now possible to do so.

The beta is available to all members due to a slight glitch in the combat beta. Here's how it works: Use your regular character to put the logo of the hunter near the portals. Log out and log into the beta. Within the beta, select 'import save' and login to the game. To the northwest of Tutorial Island, run through the barriers that are invisible. The northwest building has no walls, which means you can enter it, and then ascend the ladder. Neo You're now inside.

A year later, Clan Citadels are no longer believed to be much of a usage. It is possible to grind them for an improved building. However the building itself doesn't do much and isn't very efficient. You get xp for doing the work. This is great however it's not the primary reason. From what I'm aware, the following attributes are essentially useless:

The Keep also houses the Parliament room, as well as majority of the vast spaces that are used by the citadel. If you are seated near the edge the speakers will not be able to hear the people around you. Crowding around can make it difficult to hear the speaker. What is the buy RuneScape gold reason your clan doesn't meet all together in game? Why not have something worth being in that prime space?