I was asking if this acceptable? I'm trying to figure out which shield I buy, but it is nice to have a guideline on OSRS GP the equipment I need to purchase. I like this but it's possible that you don't.

Also I Only cast ice spells. the spells that I use are im 4-5 levels higher then in order to guarantee a hit and decent damage. I've used ice rush and I was hoping for an approach to training that would work . I also cast shadow or blood spells. However, I only use them for training on NPC's. I train in Fist of Guthix right now, (I win every round :D) Is there a better place to train? I'd like to join the castle wars to train on melee opponents. Would this work? Please tell me how you would do it.

It's fairly effective and the various bonus stats work great. (30 Damage bonus of 3% and 50 percent of rs07 fire cape runes saved) I prefer an ring of life to serve security reasons, but Seers rings can give a magic bonus worth thinking about. I would not recommend not to continue training at the fist of guthix if you want to improve your skills any time soon. I'm fairly certain there's an xp nerf there. If you're not able to use the ancients along with your own runes then try alching.