NBA 2K11 was the first series to mt nba 2k22 feature retired players as the front cover. It was Michael Jordan in 2010. Jordan was back as the player who was featured on the cover of NBA 2K12, with limited edition Magic Johnson and Larry Bird covers available. NBA 2K13 is the first time that multiple players appear on the same cover. Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant are among them.

NBA 2K14 featured LeBron James as the cover model. NBA 2K15 had Kevin Durant as well, as well as NBA 2K16 had three covers with superstars James Harden, Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis.

Every NBA 2K Game Of The 2010s Sorted from Worst to Top

NBA games have been very popular throughout the years, because basketball fans appreciate watching them. However, there are occasions where someone wouldn't be in a position to attend a game. This is due to the fact that certain basketball matches can often take longer to schedule in the past, and this was especially so over the past few months. Thankfully, the NBA 2K video games allow players to play anytime they want, since it attempts to emulate the real-world experience as close as it can.

There are a lot of 2K NBA games, and it is normal that some are more successful than others. In that regard Here are all the NBA games of the past twenty years listed from the worst to most popular based on Metacritic ratings. 2K Sports' NBA 2K series is the most popular basketball game. It has been a major player in the game for more than two decades, and is the primary reason for the innovations found in modern basketball games.

However, it has a dark side. The series has been plagued by a number of aggressive microtransactions lately that has led to disappointing Metacritic scores for users and the loss of its credibility. This was all happening in the early 20s, but it seems that if the most current NBA 2K games are anything to go by, the trend appears set to continue for a long time to come.

Originally created with similarities to games like NBA Jam or NBA Streets, NBA Playgrounds is designed to be primarily an arcade basketball game having a roster made up of current and former NBA stars. You can fill up your roster with stars with the help of different packs in the game. These packs are accessible through various game modes in buy 2k22 mt NBA Playgrounds. It has received mixed praise and was criticised for its slow speed and low drop rates from the cards in the packs.