As soon as that happened, the race was on. The game got underway. ZLaner and his dad both ran towards the high-speed heli. For the professional the father got the upper hand. Papa Z was the first to Lost Ark Gold make it to the top and did precisely what he had set out to accomplish.

ZLaner was a happy kid when his dad stream sniped ZLaner on Warzone.

In the dying comms, the streamer shows nothing but respect for his dad and even says to him "that was gorgeous." When his goal was accomplished, Z's dad did not even have to play the remainder of the game. "

YouTuber Mtashed warned Genshin Impact players that Yae Miko's latest weapon, Kagura's Verity can be "worse" than people think. The Gacha content creator explains why the Catalyst won't work with all characters.

After months of anticipation Yae Miko is finally making her public debut with the launch of Genshin Impact's version 2.5 update. Launching alongside the Inazuma hero is the brand-new 5-star weapon Kagura's Verity.

The catalyst's incredible stats have many fans thinking it's"the next" Staff of Homa for elemental users. Genshin YouTuber Mtashed is warning fans that the product may not be as good as it appears on Buy Lost Ark Power leveling the surface.