Argos is the first Abyssal Raid available in Lost Ark, and it starts around the 1370 mark. Players need to reach item level 1100 to start using level 3. The break-in between starting at Tier 3 and entering Argos is not easy. Many players refer to this as the "dead zone", especially between 1340 and 1370. To make the process even smoother, players can read this guide, or browse through

First, players need to make sure to run their daily Punica Chaos Dungeons. The maximum value a player can use to run two guardian raids. Second, players can participate in any of the available activities to obtain hone materials, including books, breath, and more. The weekly Abyss Dungeon helps players earn Lost Ark Gold. Also, players should focus on Horizontal Content.

"Horizontal Content" in Lost Ark mainly refers to building the player's character by completing other tasks in the Lost Ark world. Now that the player has reached tier 3, there will be more downtime between players' progress, so it's time to start polishing other aspects of the game. By providing players with cheap Lost Ark Gold, MMOWTS Solves the Lost Ark Gold Shortage for Most Players.

Lost Ark Gold

Anguished Isle was a very valuable daily grind during the final stages of Lost Ark. There are daily repeatable quests and dungeons here, offering a unique currency, Skein, that can be exchanged for books, materials, and other useful items. Defeating dungeons also has a chance to drop Omnium Star or Island Token.

Having at least one other Lost Ark Gold character in the same tier is really useful if the player wants to speed up their progress on tier 3. Players can start pooling Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid resources into their primary resources, doubling the player's material input. Players can try out several different characters, unlocking hone research in the fortress to make leveling up easier.

Sculpting is also essential if players want to maximize their damage in endgame content. The player is aiming for the perfect 33331 setup, but if the player is just starting out, that's a long way off. In the beginning players can prioritize which sculpt is best for their build. If players want to experience the game more easily, they can also purchase the safe Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS to enhance their power.