The Druid cleanses the herb, you will receive a clean Niraye. To drink the juice. To receive a Black rock, cut the "Unordinary Rock" from outside the Druid's residence. The rock must be cautiously cut into a Druid’s Knife. Make use of the knife to control it. The knife will cut began to RS gold glow, and unequip it. After this the knife will cease to grate due to the fact that it was used. Make sure you have the bucket with you otherwise, the herb will become a Bad Herb. If you own an empty bucket, it will be the Niraye Juice Bucket.

I am a druid. I can help you create special herbs. You have removed me from the terrible curse! It wasn't an evil spell. It was only the sunburn! I'm glad you're here. Let me know if there is anything I can help with! Actually , I'm asking you let me know if you've any Sunbleached plants? Unfortunately, I do not. If you do provide me with some white herbs I'll be able to make these.

Player cleans off the White Herbs, and hands them to the Druid. Solarus Sunaris The White Herbs are in your backpack as Sunbleached Herbs. I was curious to know where to find Sunset Herbs. In the chest of Moonrise, deep inside the ground. Where can I find them beneath the ground?

A ladder is located on the southernmost point of the island. Go to the South-West tip of Solar Isle, Climb down the ladder. Do you think this is the place that the Druid was talking about? Take the corridor and then turn to the west. Then you will come to an Enchanted Door. Letters appear visible in the door.

Within the entrance, an Riddle appears. Two people are in conversation. One of them says he had an anniversary two days ago and was 21. He says he will become 25 in two years. What is the likelihood of this happening and, if it is, what day were they talking about? They were talking on January 2nd and their birthday falls on December 31st.

The words fade and the door is opened. It's possible that it is the chest. The chest can be searched by opening the chest. Grimy Sunset herbs will be handed to you. The herb needs 50 Herblore to clean. Cleanse the herb, then return to the cave. The player will see buy OSRS gold an edited scene. Savarius Solar will take on a Masked Mage.