As we all know, the DPS class dominates Lost Ark, and it is crucial that the player's team has the role of Support classes if players want to progress more smoothly in the game. Support classes usually give players crowd control and healing effects, although it doesn't do much damage. Players can learn more from MMOWTS, where they can also buy cheap Lost Ark Gold.

The epitome of the Support class in Lost Ark is Bard, which heals allies, buffs them, and applies Raven Control to enemies. But Bard is not good at damage output and relies on teammates to deal damage. Gunlancer excels as a frontline that can absorb a lot of damage. Its high defense and resistances increase the survivability of any team.

In other words, Gunlancer is not a versatile class and lacks other attributes besides high defense. But Gunlancer is easy to use, so players of new games will find it more successful. Which is the Best Site to Buy Lost Ark Gold? I think it's As one of the best Support classes in the game, Paladin does it all. It not only heals them, but also builds allies with crowd control skills.

Also, the Paladin has considerable damage, which can come in handy in clutch situations. Most classes in the game have no healing abilities. Lost Ark doesn't really categorize tanks, DPS or healers. So players can play with any class they like. Also, Bard and Paladin are the only real Support classes in the game.

There is no doubt that the important role of Lost Ark Gold cannot be ignored if players want to play well in the game. Lost Ark Gold is one of the important resources in the game, it can help players buy most of the items in the game. Therefore, many players will get a lot of Lost Ark Gold from in advance, and then buy the items they want in the game.