What kind of luck are you having trying to pitch the free-to-play model to every platform owner. I'm not able to provide specifics because we're still in discussions and there is no fixed in the stone OSRS Boosting. The former Jagex CEO Geoff Iddison said that he was looking to combine the premium subscription model with micropayments. What do you think of the idea. I'm not convinced that you can take a Runescape-type game and create retrofit microtransactions. The game is just too large and it wouldn't add value to our players. It is evident that this system could be more remunerative, but I think it would price a player experience too far up.

What is the reason why MMOs are so closely connected to free-to-play games? I think that many players believe that the existence of an MMO means you're going to spend a lot of time on a product, and therefore, I believe the free-to-play model compliments that more because it allows players to ask 'do I really want to invest a significant amount of time playing this'.

It was mentioned in the past that you were planning to expand into Asian markets. How is this progressing? Runescape is able to support many languages. The next step is a commercial one. We're now looking at the next step, which could take place anywhere around the globe, including Asia, South America, or even eastern Europe. The truth is that we aren't certain.

As part of the special series we have, Develop interviews Mark Gerhard. The interview includes stats on F2Pers who've played for the longest time and provides details about the possibility of console changes Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. But there aren't any "majors which haven't been discussed previously at least briefly.