I'm sure the list is quite long , but I was unable to find what else to do with it. In the meantime, I've been searching for RuneScape gold more quests , and I have found several good ones but I'm trying to know if I missed any that I am missing. As a second inquiry, considering my statistics, am I capable of completing Monkey Madness? I'm just after finishing the puzzle but don't want to continue unless I am able to complete it. Thank you very much to everyone who helped me.

I'm looking for a good set of equipment to ensure safe pking (CW Dueling, CW, etc.) and str xp (no whip). I'm considering 3 different gear types. they are as follows... This build will be suitable in str-training. I don't know if the rage is worth it , however. Fantastic for pest control, which is among my top mini-games. My next build switches on the fury by using a DFS.

This is the most efficient option to defend. This is likely not as efficient for training str as build one due to the lack of acc due to the lack of defensive defense. This would be fantastic for CW which i would love to try but. Also, i would have to raise approximately 2 mil for this build, unless it is possible to get rid of the berserker ring.

This build is arguably the ideal for dueling. It is also good for CW. It could even be a insects (high attack is good for hitting the portals). The problem is that i am aware that GWs are not good at training str. The question is "how bad?" If its not noticeable I might decide to go with this.

Which do you think is the most effective? Do you have an alternative while staying withing 30 mil? Maybe a bandos item? I'm not fond of the tasset/fighter combo tho, just to give you a heads-up. Each of osrs infernal cape the three options is appealing to me. I'm just needing to know which costly item is most worth it (fury, DFS, BGS).