The latest and best ever skates are about to compete on the ice rings this year. Bauer will bring "the world champion" Supreme 2S and on other corner is CCM AS1. Both models are highly awaited by hockey players around the planet.  

Bauer as always will learn from previous line up and models and will bring the ART work.

Is going to feature :

  • FlexLock Pro tongue
  • LS 5 carbon covered blade
  • New softer lacing system 

So skate should be more protective, less lace bites, better glide on new runner.

CCM is "learning" from Bauer but also bringing new great features. CCM was first who brought the Carbon to regular skates. 

CCM AS1 going to feature :

  • New carbon layering pattern on the boot
  • Taller boot height
  • Double-stitched eyelets

Looks that CCM want to bring the weight down and make the boot last longer than one season. Stil have to deal with screws and bolts.

Lets see and get more reviews after hitting ice with both of them. 

My personal opinion. Bauer will do more skating, will be more protective. CCM will be more comfortable maybe lighter. Bottom line both will give you more than you can handle or ever use.