This time around, the 99-overall Dark Matter Shaq is part of the Invincible line and is available in Supernova packs that are available for purchase 2K MT. Additionally gamers who win the five Unlimited games will receive an all-over Limited Edition III Galaxy Opal Grant Hill that isn't available for auction.

For those who appreciate receiving free items without having to put in any effort, the latest locker code is now available and will be usable until May 13th. Using the code MyTEAM-SUPERNOVA-CARDS-HFA77 will grant players the choice between one Supernova Pack, one Diamond Shoe Pack, or five tokens.

NBA 2K22 offers locker codes weekly and gives players seven days to redeem them in order to acquire some extremely valuable products from the packs available. 2K Games is also working alongside the NBA and is also releasing special locker codes on broadcasts of certain NBA Playoff game.

NBA 2K22 Announces Takeoff Series 4 Pack, Semifinals Playoff Agenda

As the two-week round 2 of the NBA Playoffs rolls on, NBA 2K22 has new Playoff Agenda challengesas well as an updated Takeoff Series and Locker Code are available. The premier round of NBA Playoffs reaching its conclusion.

NBA 2K22 is releasing new content for the upcoming round as well as revealing some rewards for players who played the series's first round. Participants who took part in the initial NBA 2K22 Playoff Agenda now have an idea of what players can be found taking on those tasks.

A new edition of the Takeoff series also hit the market, offering players the chance to claim some of the most exciting new cards on the market Buy NBA 2K22 MT. 2K Games continues to release new content to its MyTeam players as well as there's never a shortage of ways to improve rosters for MyTeam and give everyone a good chance at competing for prizes.