Everyone’s love for it has continued to increase, especially for overseas customers. That's really a big fan of this series of car fridge refrigerator.

It can be seen that maintaining a liking for it is not an easy task, but why does this series of car refrigerators successfully maintain everyone’s liking for it? Because of the super high value + rich inner!

1. Super high value
This series of car refrigerators are indeed high in appearance. They are available in gray and black and black and white colors. They are slim but have a lot of them. The volume is 32L/42L/52L, which is edible but not fat.
The appearance looks beautiful, high-grade, and put in the car, it will reduce the burden on the space in the car! For those Yankong, this refrigerator will capture their hearts.

2. Abundant inner
It has been in existence for more than ten years, and it can be popular for more than ten years. It is obviously not enough to rely on appearance. After all, appearance can only be deceived for a while, but it cannot be deceived for more than ten years. support.
Compressor refrigeration, fast cooling speed, at ambient temperature of 25℃, under no-load conditions of refrigerator, it can cool at 0℃ in about 14 minutes, and it can cool at -18℃ in about 40 minutes. In addition, the refrigeration temperature of this series of car refrigerators can be as low as -20°C at least. If you want to freeze meat, ice cream or something, it’s okay.
It has good anti-vibration and anti-shake performance. It can run smoothly on slopes at 30°C. When you put it in a car, you don't have to worry about bumps on the road, it will shake it or something.

Of course, in addition to excellent quality such as fast cooling, anti-vibration and anti-shake, it also has excellent quality such as bass and low noise, low voltage protection, freezing, and cold storage partitions.
With its high appearance and rich internal features, it has never been inferior when competing with other car refrigerators, thus, it has easily captured the hearts of the majority of users. In addition, the long-term accumulated good reputation has made it more than ten years later, when it stands with other products and new car electronic refrigerator, it is still in the limelight.

Good looks are easy to steal the spotlight, and the richness of the inner is easy to make people persistent. Therefore, it gradually accumulates its own reputation, and thus it has become a classic legend of its own!