FromSoftware's most recent Soulslike game that is open-world, Elden Ring, has been welcomed with enthusiasm by fans and elden ring weapons both critics and fans alike. The game boasts an extremely active gamer base that is at work generating new combat strategies, discovering hidden secrets and posting memes. Recently, an Elden Ring fan has fused one of the game's many iconic monsters with the game's Pokemon Tyrunt in addition to Tyrantrum.

This isn't the first time Elden Ring fans have created fan art based on Pokemon, but it's certainly one of the funniest. Many of the jokes that exist in the Elden Ring fandom at the moment are tied to the one-liner called the dog meme. The meme has players joking that their enemies, NPCs and even objects that are clearly not canine in their nature are, actually, canines.

Bromojumbo from Twitter joined involved by sharing fan art of Tyrunt and Tyrantrum, two famous Fossil Pokemon based on the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, with an Elden Ring twist. Tyrunt along with Tyrantrum are typically depicted as scaly reptilian creatures with bright orange crests, and ruffs of feathers. This alteration gives them coats of reddish and brown fur as well as a distinct appearance of a canine and the hollow black-on-white eyes of of Elden Ring's most terrifying foes.

Bromojumbo's efforts to merge adorable Pokemon with the terrifying Elden Ring enemy produces two creatures that cross the line between cool as well as scary. Their version of Tyrunt is an ancient dinosaur with dark grey brown fur, covered with fur tufts walking in the typical posture of a Tyrunt , with its tongue hanging out like it is a dog. Their Tyrantrum is dog-like, with cheap Elden Ring Items a larger head that has canine ears instead a crest, and reddened scars rather than being a scale-like pattern. It's also wearing a dark spiked collar, which appears to be a stylistic choice to make it appear more like a dog. Both styles feature black dog noses , and gray fur accents.