The challenge is enjoyable, but has some downsides. You can't reveal your Ironman character, and you won't be able to OSRS gold prove that others have.

This is where we could help! To help support the incredible game created by the community, we're looking at adding an ironman mode to the game. We are still considering this an experiment. It's not feasible to determine when it will launch. An initial implementation could be released before we decide whether further development is required.

(The Old School RuneScape group are also looking at the possibility of an Ironman-based option. The popularity of Ironman was a result of the OSRS community. If you're an Old School player, be sure to keep an eye on OSRS developer blogs and forums to participate in the discussion once it begins.

In the early stages, we'd love your feedback and to buy RS gold get discussions going on about the appropriate rules for Ironman. These are the rules and game mechanics that are currently being considered: Ironman starts with a completely new character. The ironman mode cannot be switched off once it is entered.