This AC system is based on each region, chapter, and task, and you will receive rewards for complete the specific tasks SUN Classic Heim. The distinction from the initial strategy is the different actions taken by the player are automatically added to the game and will give equivalent rewards.

The game also hosts the event of signing-in. According to the accumulated number of days of logging into the game evolution stone and event title is obtainable. When a player has reached the appropriate level, they may be awarded an upgrade reward. Participants who have completed 10 challenges within the AC system also can earn bigger rewards. In addition, there will also be an invite-to-friend event from today until March 16.

Seongnam--(Newswire) March 24, 2022 -- Webzen (CEO Kim Tae-young) has announced that it will release the global version of the PC version of MMORPG "SUN Classic simultaneously in Korea and in other countries on March 10th.

Webzen published the global service schedule to Sun Classic on the 24th The schedule was released on the 24th of February, and Sun Classic will start global service on March 10. In the worldwide version, multilingual services like Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese are provided so that users from different countries can play the game in their native language.

Sun Classic is serviced in the "Global One-Build" model with users from all nation as well as Korea will be able to access common content from a single server buy SUN Classic Heim. Webzen has been preparing global services through the piloting of the server that is specifically tailored for US gamers for around three months starting in July of the year before.