The unexpected participants in the Super Bowl this year have demonstrated this fact more than ever madden coins. While the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams play at SoFi Stadium for the big game, and predictions flood across the board One thing that's certain is that Madden nfl 22's Super Bowl player ratings aren't accurate.

Many believe that one of the biggest surprises during this postseason was the rise from Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati Bengals and the team's likely ascent to the Super Bowl. Madden nfl 22 developer, EA, was possibly the most shocked at this as the team boasts an overall rating of 75. which is fifth-lowest of the entire game.

With the top running back with Joe Mixon (currently sitting at 93), and Comeback Champion Joe Burrow at an--albeit underrated--86. the team's low rating is completely different from the ratings fans are seeing on the field in each game. The biggest tragedy on the Bengals roster is Tight End, C.J Uzomah who has been a star at his position, yet still has a mere an overall score of 79.

The Rams are more adequately rated and are currently at score of 84. This is still lower then the Buccaneers, Cardinals, and Ravens who the Rams beat during the regular season cheap Mut 22 coins, and also a postseason win over both Tampa Bay and Arizona.