Botting is done by people who believe that runescape 3 gold pking is the only thing that is fun in the game and that learning to pk is tedious. This leads them to think that botting is fine since it is not doing any harm to other players, it simply lets them not have to play in a dull environment to get a good account for pking.

The majority of users on private servers do not use them because they are banned, due to rwting, or some other reason. They simply want to have fun pking and not grind for good accounts. In 2010, when I was preparing my third pking, I thought about botting. It is quite evident to anyone who has had the privilege of training using a Pking account that it's boring. Retrospectively, I'm lucky. At the time many accounts were taken over by botting sites. I concluded that it was not wise to set up an account solely to pking using botting.

Jagex does not solve the problem. People who bot are bored of the idea of getting levels to fight and for an excellent reason. Players who wish to be taught using the classic method of killing mobs be required to kill mobs over and over again for years.

My solution to botting problems of private servers and private pkers is that levelling can be more enjoyable. Jagex has to put aside botting as a method of physical prevention, physical prevention will not happen most likely since even after the bot nuke, there are bots appearing in Runescape. Jagex must be more focused on the reasons people bot, so they can eliminate a large amount of bots and remove the gold sellers and people who just bot to make money.

A solution to stopping "pk botters" is to make learning combat enjoyable and not a hideous experience. This can be achieved by developing games and programs that are directly designed for pkers or buy fire cape osrs other grinding players.