How to Maintain Your Chainsaw
It is pivotal to understand that operating the automatic chainsaw in the right way will also ensure its polished functioning over a period of time, that is indeed quite valuable for proper maintenance of the blade. Thus, check out our blog on tips to use the chainsaw the right way.

Condition the Air Filter
Whenever you use a chainsaw, small particles and dust tend to get accumulated, clogging your filter. If not checked, this clogging will interfere with the oil flow that is much-needed for lubrication. Otherwise, the chainsaw chain and guide bar may malfunction. Always clean the chainsaw filter in warm soap water. It is important to remember to not scrub the filter and never use compressed air to clean the filter. However, all filters cannot be cleaned, some need to be replaced depending on the model you are using.

Lubricate the Saw
When the chainsaw blade moves, there is a lot of friction happening between the blade and the surface. Thus, not having enough renewal lubrication makes the blade stiff, resulting in kickbacks. To check the oil levels, place the chainsaw on the ground and run it before performing a task. If you see a drizzle of oil on the floor, the levels are fine. It is advised to maintain the levels of chainsaw oils for maintaining sufficient lubrication and continuous operation,

Chainsaw Maintenance by Sharpening
In order for a chainsaw to work well, it is imperative for the blade to maintain its sharpness. If you are using a lot of force to cut a small portion of the wood, then the chainsaw is not sharp enough. At such a chainsaw chain sharpener will come handy. A chainsaw sharpener is an accessory that can keep your chainsaw and the blade sharp enough to do all the cutting jobs efficiently.

Avoid the Dirt
This is a crucial step while cutting trees, shrubs, undergrowth, or tough saplings. While cutting, if the chainsaw hits the ground, it might kickback sending dirt and debris flying into the air, into the filter. Therefore, while cutting make sure to not hit the dirt. In the case of smaller plants, make sure the surrounding soil is removed creating a pit.

Choosing Jobs as Per the Size
Every chainsaw is specified for a particular length and girth of cut, basis the length of the guide bar, the motor power, and the chainsaw size. Cutting more than a specified limit might harm you and your chainsaw.

Nature of the Fuel
Gas chainsaws run on a mixture of petrol to oil depending on the engine build. The ratio of 50:1 or 40:1 is the most standard for two-stroke engines. Here the greater value represents gasoline and the lesser value, oil.

Keep an Eye on the Smaller Parts
A chainsaw is built of many components, big and small. When a adjustable tiller works, it maintains a constant vibration. Such actions may loosen the smaller components resulting in malfunctioning of a chainsaw. Thus, an eye or smaller components will help. This is especially helpful if, you are using a used chainsaw and the parts are old as compared to a brand-new one.