Lost Ark is one of the newest action role-playing games where players can complete various quests and explore the game's different islands and regions with friends. This guide will introduce players to Lopang Island in Lost Ark. Players can also learn more from MMOWTS. At the same time, players can Buy Lost Ark Gold with the Best Service at MMOWTS.com

Lopang Island is a small island located east of mainland North Fern, near Pleccia. Although it's a small island, it's definitely the best option if players are looking for a place to grow a lot of silver and a Brahm ship. Therefore, players can go and explore on Lopang Island.

After reaching Lopang Island, players first need to do its quest line. At some point, the player will receive a quest in which the player must capture the Jump Box that can be found in the west of the Gold Lost Ark island. Players will need to complete 6 daily quests and complete the island's main questline to obtain the Soul quest.

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These quests reward players with a lot of silver, so silver farming is easy. After completing all the missions on the island, players will be rewarded with the Soul of Lobang Island. There are 3 Mokoko Seeds on Lopang Island, these seeds are very helpful for players, players can find the location of each seed by following the instructions below.

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The first seed is at the bottom of Warehouse 1, where two NPCs are standing in the barn. Both the second and third Mokoko Seeds are located in the Lopang offices in the northern part of the island. Go straight to the office, where players will find two Mokoko seeds. By the way, https://www.mmowts.com/ offers players a lot of cheap Lost Ark Gold. When players buy Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS, they are setting themselves up for success.