Magic, for instance.. However, it's pretty slow to OSRS GP do this. Buy the elemental (fire air, water, earth) bstaffs.. (9kish every) and alch them. Alch is available for 9.3k each.. After discounting the price there is still 100-150gp at the alch... Each alch yields 63 exp or so.

Lets say u need 12.5mil exp for 99 mage. Thats approx 198413 alchs. U are able to earn 1200 Alchs per hour, if you are focused. U can actually earn profits of 19.8mil up to 29.7mil by getting 99 mage. The method is slow as u can only buy 100 staffs per 4 hours so 600 staffs in 24 hrs.. Also, it would take 330.5 days to buy all the staff you need to buy 99 magic...

Even though you only need to alch for about 5 hours per day, it takes 30 days , you will be able to earn 99 mage. If you'd like to buy all the staffs prior to when you begin making them alch.. 30 mil won't do the mustard... In actual, you'll require around: 1,984,130,000 gp to buy all the staffs needed for 99 mage... Also, purchase all you are able to for 30m. You can also buy alch, and place the order again.

Hey , guys, i'm in need of some assistance. Someone is trying to steal the account of my (due to that fact that i've received five official emails from Runescape) warning me that somebody is trying to recover my password. Which i am not doing.

It has forced me to alter my password, banking details, security inquiries, my registered email address and password. I have even transfered everything I can trade into my secondary account to keep them safe just in case of. I'm guessing it's because someone saw me wearing full dragon armour on the quest, perhaps?

I have not used any kind of bot, so I know its not a hack attempt from one of these as I haven't even thought of downloading one. This is why I am asking Is there something else I could do to protect my account? I have AVG antivirus and Ad-Aware antivirus software, and have a basic windows firewall. (i also have other anti-computer hack software I'm not going to cheap RS gold publish publicly). Virus scan was done yesterday, but found nothing. I am starting to get a bit worried now I have this as my main account and I don't want to lose it.