For Apollo players, they will have be wearing khaki trousers and a gray suit to satisfy the requirements. Once again, take a trip to the City Runway to fulfill this requirement and move on 2K22 MT towards the NBA game requirements.

At this time, players need to accumulate "My Point" experience points by doing tasks, professional sports, street basketball games, and more. in order to increases the character limit. Simply put even if you own an abundance of VC Coins and you have improved the abilities of your character to the maximum level at when you started the game still have to accumulate "My Point" experience through continuous play in order to prepare your characters to be the best NBA players. .

As the game begins, course, the characters value will drop to only about an average between 60 and 60. You can go to college, join the G-League or become a member of the NBA?

After officially starting in the "My Career" mode, students will be presented with the option to "enter the university to take part with the team", "participate in the G-League" or "participate in the NBA draft." If you decide to play in the NBA then the player cannot be admitted to the university again and participate in the G-League or if you decide to join the G-League and continue to participate in the NBA following the conclusion of your season, but cannot return to colleges leagues.

If you select a university then you have the ability to choose from any of the three options. Therefore, if the player is looking to buy mt gain the most knowledge or test the strength of the character, it's recommended to sign up for the college league in the beginning, followed by the G-League before deciding to join the NBA. If you successfully win the championship at your college it will also mean that the person be awarded a new skill badge, but also a badge of honor.