Lost Ark review - The blood-soaked return of the ARPG. Lost Ark saw a massive number of viewers on Twitch as it topped 1.7 million viewers on all of Twitch on the day that it was announced that the Founders Pack went live Lost Ark Boosting, and Asmongold made up a large portion of the viewership.

Asmongold finished his stream when he reached the 20th level, and was both awestruck and thankful for the help he received throughout it all. "I find it hard to believe that I've actually gone live this morning. I'm planning to lie down and think about it This is a little crazy."

Asmon has also confirmed that he will continue to stream Lost Ark on his main channel, which means he could be leaving his secondary channel. For now, however, he will be streaming on his main channel.

How to be eligible for Lost Ark Prime Gaming reward is due (February 2022)Being an Amazon published product, it's not a surprise to learn that Lost Ark has teamed up with Prime Gaming to give players free monthly rewards. This is how you can claim them.

However, while Lost Ark is the idea for Korean production company Smilegate RPG, the game is set to hit western screens courtesy of Amazon Games. It's little surprise, therefore it's not surprising to learn that Lost Ark will be joining the growing number of games that can be used to earn free loot drops through Prime Gaming Cheap Lost Ark Gold, a service that is tied to Amazon's subscription-based delivery medium.