In Lost Ark, Pirate Coins can be used to buy items like Song of Resonance, but the amount of coins required for it may seem large. It doesn't actually take that long to earn if the player knows what they're doing. Many players are still unclear about how to earn Pirate Coins. This guide will detail the best ways for players to earn Pirate Coins while exploring Arkesia.

Completing island quests is the easiest and most effective way for players to get Pirate Coins. Players can find various quest chains on the game's many islands, which can reward players with a lot of coins without taking too much time. For example, when players complete a quest on Giant Mushroom Island, they will earn 2,000 Gold, while Lost Ark Gold players can earn 15,000 Gold from quests on Liberty Island.

Players can also earn gold at Golden Wave Island, Runaways Island, Peyto and Glacier Island, Sublime Island, Blackfang's Den, Lullaby Island and more. Players typically start with islands that reward fewer coins, use those islands to upgrade the player's ship, and work toward islands that reward a lot of coins. It's worth noting that each account has only one chance to complete these tasks.

Pirate Coins are an account-wide currency, which means players won't be able to complete these missions on multiple characters and earn rewards multiple times. Once the player has completed most of the more lucrative island quests, the player will want to complete the Una quest which rewards Pirate Coins daily and weekly. Players can also complete various marine activities and activities discovered using the Procyron compass, such as ghost ships, for additional Pirate Coins.

Additionally, players can exchange other types of coins such as Sun Coins, Gienah's Coins or Ancient Coins for Pirate Coins. The exchange rates for these coins vary, but no matter which coin the player decides to exchange, the player will earn at least 10 Pirate Coins, which can fill the player's vault in a pinch. By the way, is selling Lost Ark Gold at the lowest price in the market, welcome to visit!