Twitch star Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek believes that the low viewership of MMO games such as World of Warcraft and New World does not make them terrible games as some viewers believe. In the past few months, a few different MMOs have appeared on Twitch. Throughout 2021, players flocked to New World, Final Fantasy XIV Online and World of Warcraft. Many players also New World Coins Buy, including Shroud.

The former Counter-Strike pro player may be known for his clear goals and impressive FPS kills, but he also loves MMO because he even recently made New World his game of choice. After the initial hype around Amazon Games’ first game, players were also actively buying New World Coins, but it slowly declined on the Twitch rankings. Many viewers and players said that the content was insufficient, or the game was not enough to make people remain interested for a long time.

But for Shroud, he believes that some MMO’s declining Twitch ratings are not important, or make them a terrible game, because they are for playing rather than being watched. He said in a previous live broadcast that the game’s low evaluation does not mean that the game is bad. This is just because people would rather play it than watch it. For any MMO, they are not just to watch, but to play with New World Gold.

He also claimed that there is nothing special to do with MMO, and many players will buy New World Gold to get the items they want. The Canadian anchor pointed out that when watching New World, he was “very interested” because it had more actions. But in the end, Shroud pointed out that if viewers don’t want to watch, they might not do it. They may just like to play for themselves.