In Lost Ark, an interactive and stylish way for players to show off their unique character models is dancing, and Sway Emote is the dance of choice players get. However, players need to complete a series of quests to access the Sway. This swinging side-by-side dance is available once players unlock the ability to travel across the ocean, which is available after completing the East Lutera questline. MMOWTS provides more details on Lost Ark.

In this Lost Ark mission, players will hire their first crew member, Eshu, and embark on their first voyage on the high seas. The quest will be accessible to players once the main story questline of Lost Ark has been completed. To get the Sway Emote quest location, players need to take a boat to Peyto, a small island in the southwest of Pleccia, near Tooki Island.

Upon reaching Peyto, Lost Ark Gold players must board a giant tourist ship that is docked nearby. Near the center of the ship's deck, Lost Ark players will meet Danny Dany, a Mokoko who leads a flash mob. Players need to talk to the Denidani to get "Becoming an Idol," an extremely straightforward quest in Lost Ark that takes less than a minute to complete.

Players must perform a Cheer emote for Daniel Dani to complete "Becoming an Idol" and earn the Sway Emote in Lost Ark. After cheering for Danidani, players will be asked to applaud the Mokoko flash mob. Which is the most reliable Lost Ark Gold Online Store? As far as I know, MMOWTS is absolutely trustworthy. After that, Hermes, the NPC producer standing on the left, will call the player and praise them for their energy in the game.

To get quest rewards, players should use the Dance Emote next to Hermes to advance the objective. They have to dance until the orange circle disappears to satisfy Hermes. Once the mission is complete, the producers will invite players to perform on stage for a day, rewarding them with Sway Emotes, as well as Legendary Rare card packs. In the process, will give players a lot of cheap Lost Ark Gold to give them an even bigger edge.