Hay My name is Jake and I recently got level 99 construction. While working my way to the level 99 construction OSRS Gold, I was bombarded with a myriad of ideas to increase my skills in construction. Construction Tips: You're in a position to remove single players from your house.

The reason is because I have decided to host a lovely house celebration and I want everyone to have fun in my home or the sport. Unfortunately some people just can't behave. We all know what I mean when I say this. People who behave rudely, and those who choose to engage in bugs and block the entrance to the dungeon, so that people are trapped in the cage. This makes me have to expel everyone out of the house and to reset the house by re-entering. This is quite annoying.

Since I've been asked to put weight in, I'll offer you some advice. Obtain the following-Arma/pernix, chaotic cbows. Subj robes/virtus. or virtus book/wand. Bandos/torva and drygores or dual chaotic rapiers. Vip slayer tickets (I used about 150 getting up to one hundred meters from 23m). Having t80 helps alot more than t70. Having t90 melee is a great investment

Block/Prefer listBlock-Desert wyrms-Grotworms-Nechs-Jadinkos-gargoyles-kalphites-Additional task if you have enough quest points. Prefer-ganos-muspah-airuts-aviansies-cele dragons-elves OSRS Fire Cape. It's not worth prolonging the duration of any task, so avoid tasks that aren't speedy or have very large numbers (ie 115 iron dragons)