While creating an account took just about a minute, you may have been wondering which World was. You can choose OSRS gold any one, and you'd be directed to the Java Applet screen. Then you could choose the Runescape nostalgia theme would begin to play. The brightly colored flames caught your attention and got you excited for the brand new Runescape game. After logging in, you blindly started your everlasting, incredible Runescape journey.

Tutorial Island was different from any other game you've ever played. The Newbie Melody's tunes have remained in my memory ever since. Listening back to it brings me back to my earlier Runescape friends, where things were not as complicated.

The Runescape experience is represented visually by Ian Taylor's MIDI music pieces. They contain different melodies, sweet notes and sections. It's like you have been transported back in time to the beginning of 2000 when things were simpler. Although it might cause you to cry, don't be ashamed. It's perfectly normal to express emotions. If you think back to Tutorial Island, you were a "noob" and there was no way to change it.

The first steps before advancing to the mainland which was where everything took place, laid the foundations for what would basically take over your life for a couple of years. Learning how to smelt bronze bars took about just a few minutes, and knowing how to cook bread dough wasn't an easy task.

It wasn't too bad to cook your first Runescape dinner over the fire you had made. In less than five seconds, you could use a bow to kill the rat that was created in a polygon and shoot an archer. Tutorial Island was the start of a great journey that will last for a long time. It will be with us forever regardless of our age or how far back we've been.

Lumbridge followed. Nothing else is required to say. It was an unforgettable adventure where you didn't have any clue as to what was going on or how to proceed. Lumbridge was the cheap RuneScape gold location everyone knew about and could go back to in case they got lost. In truth, the first time in Lumbridge was a bit intimidating for new members.