Tea, why can't I taste the same last time?

   Many people said: Drinking tea, why can't I drink the same taste last time?
   The same tea from China Tea Suppliers, today, yesterday, and last month, do you always fail to drink the taste you once liked the most?
   can't tell why, but I always feel something is lacking. Those who drink it will feel sorry for not being able to drink the most beautiful taste. The sellers are even more miserable, and they are always questioned if they have not changed their tea! I can’t help if I want to help! Why is this? Based on years of tea-drinking experience, I have made the following summary, hoping to help you out.

   1. The particle size when taking tea
When taking tea, the size of the tea particles will definitely be different each time. Different particles have different tastes. When the tea grows, the growth condition of each leaf is different, and the degree of fermentation of each leaf is also different when the tea is made. It will be different, so the taste of different leaves in the same tea is just similar.
   2. Affected by the weather
  Drinking tea in weather such as snow, rain, scorching sun, light rain, etc., because the climate is different, the mood when making tea is different, and the aroma of the tea house and the tea soup will be different because of the change of the aura. Therefore, the tea brewed almost every moment will have a subtle difference...

   3. The influence of mood
   When drinking tea, you pay attention to plainness. As the saying goes, "the mind is calm and naturally cool", the same is true when drinking tea. When you are impetuous, the process of making tea is also impetuous. When you are depressed, the method of making tea has also changed. Perhaps the spirituality of tea has passed you by... the mood is different, the taste of the tea made is different. It will be different too. During the operation, the tea nature will actually change with your mood. Tasting tea in peace.
   4. Affected by time
   The same China Chunmee Green Tea will taste different in the early morning, noon or night, which is similar to the first point.
   5. Affected by the body
If you get angry or catch a cold, and after smoking, if your body is in such a condition, the tongue coating will increase, the nose will smell of smoke, and the human body’s taste buds and sense of smell will not be sensitive enough. Even if the tea itself does not change, the taste of the tea will not be felt by the drinker. It's the same.

   The same tea, as long as the water quality is similar, how to make in theory, her tea aroma will not change much, and some are slightly different.
  Tea is just a medium, let go of the lumps in your heart, you are different, not tea.