The total user score of MMO New World dropped from “mostly positive” to “mixed”. According to the rating of comments on Steam, only 61% of the comments added in the past 30 days are positive, so one-third of players are not satisfied with the recent changes in MMO. Although some players have bought New World Coins in advance, most people seem to be dissatisfied with the changes in the game “grind” economy, while it frustrates others with the large number of MMO mistakes.
A player stated he played over 280 hours in the game. He started on the 2nd or 3rd day, basically after the release day queue was confirmed. He played on Utensia, about 1,000 players peaked, no queues, all factions are workable. His upper level limit has a high gear score watermark. He is an official of a PvP company that owns a territory and runs all the final game content (war, invasion, raid, pvp arena.) He is at the end of the rainbow. There is no pot of New World Gold. It’s just a mess, unfulfilled promises, and developers busy implementing server transfers to fix the game, actually.
Another player who played for 823 hours said that it started well. They need to solve some mistakes, but it is definitely a mess, and it will get worse with each update. However, this is not all bad for New World. Many people are complaining about New World recently. It must have been dealing with problems, but every MMO has errors and problems, so players who want to perform well in the game can also prepare some New World Gold. He has always liked this game, and the developers seem to be very active in dealing with issues and more transparent than expected, which is a good thing. Not all companies are so good at communicating or actively handling their MMO issues after the release.
It released the updates and promises after New World players encountered a series of problems. It has also recently forced Amazon to increase server capacity in each world to reduce New World’s queue time. But some time ago players said that playing New World would take up GPU, although Amazon firmly refuted the claim. But New World is still worth playing. Players had better Buy New World Coins to increase their gaming experience.