Server consolidation is coming for Amazon’s MMO New World. In the lengthy update of the official forum, the community manager Luxendra explained that although there are plans to introduce mergers, there are some actions that need to be resolved before the team expresses their confidence that the merged world will be positive. Game experience. In fact, although players buy New World Coins to improve their gaming experience, there are still some inevitable errors in the game.

Developers say they need to test their technology. They tested the world merging in the closed beta version, which caused a persistent issue, which has since been resolved. They will continue to test the merging with their team and the private world, adding that they will start as soon as possible, and the changes will be in the first place Test in the public test area. This is not all. Besides the details of region and server transfers, as well as Luck issues and the inability to declare war, the update also discusses performance and character design. For some players who want to perform better in the game, they need to prepare some New World Gold.

New World’s community managers stated in the post that they intend to continue adding more clothing diversity to the cultural and narrative-driven look. Some are more grounded, historical, and practical, while others may feel more whimsical or supernatural. The team intends to add a more feminine or masculine appearance, clothing suitable for all body types, and expand the options for players to customize their characters. So if players have better prepare some New World Coins in advance so that they can easily get some good-looking costumes.

Last week Amazon stated it would take “remedial measures” to new world players who have seriously exploited the recent coin duplication error. MMO players discovered a coin/item dupe bug during the transaction and took advantage of it. It subsequently forced Amazon to ban transactions in the short term because it is working hard to resolve the problem. Although New World reached an impressive historical concurrency peak during the same period when it first launched, close to 1 million players, more than half of the player base has been lost after only one month. But the game still has a certain playability. For some novice players, the first thing they need to do is to buy Amazon New World Coins.