You fight the four demons then Legion is surprised to RuneScape gold see his followers slayed. You then fight him if killed you must star back where the is over. Once slayed you have to take the entire body to King Roald the third. So what so you guys believe?

I think this could have already been said, but would not it be nice if you could accept or decrease the benefit Experience from certain quests? Example 1: You are on your new level 3 skiller plus a new sort of runecrafting has come out. In the base of the scroll (the one which pops up when you finish a quest), there were two buttons, one which stated take, and one that said decline. Should you press accept, it provides you all of the expertise and things if necessary, but if you decrease, it merely provides you the item(s).

Example 2: You are in your strength pure you are working on for months now, and you're about to do the monkey madness quest. However, before you finish the quest, you just HAVE to get a taste of dragon weaponry, which means you increase strike to 60. When you complete Monkey madness, it provides more than the sum needed for to 61, but you only need 60, so you click on"Decline" and also receive the items that you get from the pursuit. Problem solved! (Note: This actually happened to me on my pure, today it's 61 attack ftl... )

They might also put a warning screen until you fall it,"Are you sure you want to decrease the reward? You will still get all items, but the experience you're given for completing this exploration will permanently be removed." So what exactly do you think? And I am conscious that this may have been thought of written before.

I believe that there must be a new Mini Game called, The Forest of Death. There should be a cave in where we could input the Mini Game (kind of like Fist of Guthix). The stadium of The Forest of Death should be dealt with in thick forestry. Es the better way to go! If your looking to make a suggestion on an item or skill/spell click one of these links: Item. And of course, to OSRS buy gold see preceding unsuccessful ideas, this is where they go!