The Artillerist class is probably one of the most interesting in Lost Ark, as its extremely powerful, visceral attacks fill the player's screen with destructive chaos. If the player likes big bangs and impactful abilities, then this class is for the player. This tier remains relevant for most endgame content, even though these abilities can get a little tricky on late game bosses.

Artillerist's Identity Meter builds up firepower over time. When the player's meter is full, the player will enter the player's badass turret mode, a high-damage but static kit that allows for easy single-player PvE content, including some bosses and late Lost Ark Gold game content. Be careful though. In turret mode, players cannot dodge or move.

Overall, Firepower Enhancement sculpts are used more for PvE leveling and endgame clearing. Incoming damage reduction is not only great for difficult content, but the increased crit chance can also help players deal more damage during the burst window. Barrage Engraving enhances the player's identity skill, it turns the player into a sitting duck.

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This is not so great when the player is trying to clear a Raid or Dungeon, even though the player can use the turret to clear the waves quickly. Firepower Enhancement is a more reliable and consistent engraving. Since Lost Ark is a fairly balanced game, there are a lot of builds and playstyles out there that value Barrage sculpting. Players can play as much as they want.

Artillerist has two Awakening abilities, Missile Barrage is able to fire 20 rockets into the sky, then fly to the target location and explode for 45,000 damage. The Heavy Turret, on the other hand, summons a heavy turret that lasts 20 seconds. It deals damage with lasers and guided missiles. By the way, is currently selling the cheapest Lost Ark Gold on the market, welcome to visit!