For your information that when NC actually tells me "Oops sorry, I'm sorry, but there was no cheating, therefore you're no aion classic kinah buying longer banned" I'm posting that schit here. I am sure they will, because I'm not a cheater. If I didcheat, my most powerful rank wouldn't be 30. For goodness sake.

they have zero way to see what you're doing, since Aion did not have an anti-cheat tool after it caused problems for the client in the past due to problems with performance. It is possible to have every hack that exists and have it active, just as long as you do not use it infront of people or the gm, they will not find it.

My account was reportedly shut down due to an alleged suspicious activities. I don't utilize any third-party software or programs similar to. I actually use my skills rather than using keyboard bindings or macros. I played the game on the same account when it first came out in the year 2009. The issue has not been addressed. I was playing SteelRake together with an LFG group playing our Hairpin and Snow quests when suddenly I got booted out of the game. I was unable to return to the game due to the ban , it seems. I'm scratching my head in confusion, I didn't violate any of the terms of service. This is crazy if NCSOFT treats its customers who pay as criminals, and without formal process or any real evidence.

They haven't read my emails The most frustrating aspect. I wrote an email to inquire about the pet , and was provided with a 3 month sub in order to verify. They first say they don't offer this service. They respond that they don't have any information about Siels Aura products.

It was a large group, we all entered at the same. In the event that you leave the game to go to the hairpin quest is in violation and then coming back into the location .....but everybody does this. Therefore, it isn't as bad as I'd imagine. Anyway, I sent them an email and received a copy-and-paste reply. They were not eager to analyze their error. It's sad.

This isn't true. This is a copy/paste answer that they're offering anyone, even those who haven’t done any other than typical SR hairpin run. I know of one user who wasn't on the internet for a week and was banned for this. The most likely thing they did was look up people who had left and returned to SR multiple times and marked them as cheap aion classic kinah banned by an automatic verification process, without even bothering to determine if they were actually questing.