In Star Wars: The Old Republic, players need a lot of XP to upgrade quickly. But for some novice players, they may not know how to get XP to increase the level of the character. Many players choose to buy Cheap SWTOR Credits to improve themselves and complete tasks to advance the storyline. But there are also many ways to get XP in the game.

Completing professional missions and hero missions can provide XP and equipment, and can help players unlock their own personal spacecraft in the early SWTOR. Career missions reward a lot of XP and green high-quality equipment, and provide opportunities for dialogue with the five companions that players unlock when completing career missions. These dialogue options improve the status of the player and each companion, increasing their combat effectiveness. Players prepare enough SWTOR Credits to buy better equipment.

Improving combat effectiveness is very important for Heroic 2+ missions. Heroic 2+ missions were originally missions completed by another player, but with the quality of life updates that SWTOR has introduced in the past few years, these missions can now be completed individually and with the help of NPC companions. Hero 2+ missions reward a lot of XP, as well as blue prototype quality equipment, and its equipment level is higher than the advanced equipment of the same level. This equipment is not as customizable as the upgradeable lightsaber and armor that can be purchased through Cartel Market and some NPC vendors, but it helps save players time and points for more expensive high-level upgrades. Players can also buy SWTOR Credits to get the equipment they want.

By combining all these methods, the player should reach level 50 to 60 at or before the end of the professional mission. In a game as big as Star Wars: The Old Republic, there are many things worth exploring. If players lack SWTOR Credits, then they can buy SWTOR Credits at IGGM.