What to Consider When Buying a Chest Freezer
The Features
As noted above, the home chest freezer is the most basic of all the freezer types. However, this is not to say that you can't get additional features to go with your unit, particularly on the higher end models. Consider what you need and which features are most important to you.

Because of the configuration of the chest freezer's door, a feature like an auto lock is probably not so important, as the weight of the door will keep the unit securely closed. However, an interior light is a useful addition, as it makes it easier to sort through the contents to find what you need.

Other features such as a power-on indicator and an alarm to alert you if the internal temperature is too high, are also useful.

You won't be able to achieve the kind of organized storage that you would from an upright freezer or from another type of unit, but you may be able to find a chest freezer which makes storage and organization a little bit easier.

If you are planning to store a lot of items, you may want to select a unit with removable dividers which help you to stay organized. Don't forget that these dividers will slightly reduce the total storage space when they are inserted.

The reason you want a freezer in the first place is to keep things frozen. This means you need a chest freezer unit which can achieve reliable temperatures across the entire unit, with no fluctuations or warm spots.

To make sure of this, you need to check out the reviews. This will give you the insight you need from other users, helping you to understand exactly how well the unit performs after it is installed. From here, you'll be able to make the right decision on which freezer to buy.

Decibel Rating
If your freezer unit is going to be installed in an area of your home you want to use frequently - for example, a kitchen, or a utility space close to a living area - then the decibel rating is something you need to be aware of. Aim to find a freezer unit with as low a decibel rating as possible, to make sure that the noise of the unit isn't going to cause too much of an annoyance or inconvenience.

Of course, if your freezer unit is going to be installed in a garage or in some other out of the way location, this is not such a major concern.

Defrosting Capability
Defrosting your freezer is a task you are going to need to confront from time to time, and so you need to find a freezer unit which is not too difficult or time consuming to defrost. You can look for additional features which will help you with this - such as auto-defrost capability - or you can look to the user reviews to give you more insight.

Whichever unit you decide to buy, this is something you really need to know about, so take your time to research.

Energy Efficiency
Chest freezers tend to be more energy efficient than other types, thanks to their layout and the configuration of the door. However, some units are more energy efficient than others. Look out for energy efficiency labels on the freezer itself. Paying a little bit more to acquire a more efficient unit will save you money in the long run.

Emergency Operation
What happens if you suffer a power outage You need to make sure that your food stays frozen for as long as it takes for the power to come back on. A good freezer unit will be able to remain at a safe internal temperature for around 24 hours, even with no power.

Your Own Space Requirements
Where do you plan to put your chest freezer How much space do you have to play with These are questions you need to answer before you purchase a freezer unit. Take some time to measure your space, and then equip yourself with the figures you need to find a unit that fits perfectly into your space.

Your Own Storage Needs
This is a critical consideration. If you are purchasing a freezer unit simply to replace the small, freezer compartment in your fridge, then you may be better suited to a smaller freezer unit. However, if you need to store large amounts of food for a long time, a chest freezer is ideal.

Your Budget
As with any piece of equipment, a chest freezer can vary enormously in price. Understand your budget beforehand and you will be able to find the highly effective DC chest freezer which you can afford.