Personally, I don't want to pay attention to RS gold people. However, I do attempt to see things from their point-of-view. they think they are awsome and clever, which implies they're just dumb. But then they say something stupid snd i return to wanting to hit them. It's an EFFIN GAME, most people don't realize that! I'm laughing every time they give me an A in algebra 2, but give me a D for remidial math. They have 110 combat.

Disclaimer: I do not take part in these stupid errors. My assets exceed 150 million. I don't have to do anything silly to earn the banhammer. Stop claiming that I cheat or do other things like that. THIS IS NOT THE 25K TRICK z0mg!

Pew pew. I haven’t posted for over a month due to the fact that I'm not active in Runescape at the moment. I will educate people about the pvp glitch. Contrary to the topic host, who only alerted people to the bans, this is actually the situation.

I've fixed the glitch so you foolish people shouldn't attempt it. The glitch was first discovered by a few friends but as time passed, a long more discovered it, much like grapes, or dragonstone RWT methods :) Eventually whole clans started doing the glitch, I'm not sure exactly what it was the reason, but it had related to putting items inside your familiars to fool the system of dropping drops into thinking you had lost the money - so next time you died CHA-ching!

People were still dying from the possibility of being able to lose "300k" for every death, and earning money. Jagex discovered it and was able to correct it. The banhammer* was discovered just after the easter. It warned people they had until Tuesday that they were probably going to be banned.

Abusing clans was quickly discovered (The smart ones used newb* accounts to play games). A riot led the X__icy__x. They wanted to take rares along with them, therefore if you have an uncommon item, you might be tempted to sell it right away.

As for now, people are starting to produce pictures, and youtube videos of people attempting, and succeeding at this glitch, and it is unfortunate that not all who abuse it will be banned, since Jagex will give the benefit of doubt. This is proof of taking out rares. I am lucky to cheap OSRS gold have four Santa hats. I purchased them for 10m, by accident.